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The call from Tet came about five hours ago. Sitting on a folding chair outside the infirmary, Charlie watches the road -- one of the few roads on the campus itself, around the perimeter from the main gate.

They should be here any minute.

She's been to Milliways in the interim, and spoken with Dr. Tam, briefly: something's happened, Kaylee is on her way to Taos with Rose, they've both been injured but they're all right. He took it well -- at least until she refused to bring him back to Taos with her.

The last time I tried to bring someone through that door from Milliways, she finally had to tell him, it was Susannah Toren. And she disappeared. I'm not bringing anyone through from this side until I find out what went wrong. Not till I'm damn sure it won't happen again.

He apologized after that, controlled and courteous again, and said he would wait there. And I'm holding you personally responsible for bringing my wife back here safely, added everything except his actual words.

She can't blame him, not really.

There-- Charlie rises to her feet at the sound of the motor, and in the next second the car trundles into view, moving with what seems excruciating slowness. Eric's driving, with Ted Brautigan next to him, and -- yes, there, that's Rose in the back seat and the one next to her must be Kaylee --

The car pulls to a stop right by the infirmary doors, and Charlie starts forward.
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